Italy driving license


Italy driving license


The interpreter’s license is valid for five years and can be renewed depending on performance during the renewal period.

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  1. Italy driving license

    Italy driving license

    Italy driving license

    If you want to get an Italy driving license and obtain an international driving license, the cost of getting a licence is €699.

    Italy is a beautiful country to learn driving and it costs much less than other European countries.

    The cost of driving license in Italy depends on what type of license you are applying for.

    Italy driving license costs 50 Euros.

    If you apply for a license in Italian language, the cost is 60 Euros while if your verified documents are not in Italian, then it will cost 70 Euros to get Italy driving license.

    The price for Italy driving license depends on several factors:* Type of instruction (new license by tests or renewal) * Duration of the course* Age of applicant

    How much does it cost to get Italy license?

    So, you are dreaming of traveling or living in Italy or any other European country, the first thing comes to your mind is that how much does it cost?

    If yes then this article is for you as here you will get all the information regarding getting a driving license there.

    The cost to get a driver’s license in Italy depends on a few factors, including the type of license you have and which state you live in.

    Below are some examples of what other drivers have paid for their driver’s licenses to give you an idea of what it might cost you:

    The How much does it cost to get Italy driving license ? is a Driver’s license issued by the Italian Automobile and Touring Club , an association headquartered in Rome in Via Tiziano n° 5.

    The holder must be over 18 years old, although in some cases after age 14 it may be granted on an interim basis.

    The system is based on points assigned for different violations or accidents that have occurred while driving.

    Italy driving license requirements are very strict and time-consuming. It can take almost one year to get your license.

    The cost of a driving license in Italy depends on: The category of vehicle you want to drive. How old are you? (You must be 18 years old or older)

    The cost of driving license in Italy. The price of obtaining a driving license varies depending on the type of license you are required to take and on where you reside.

    Additionally, there may be other costs in getting your paperwork ready for what is required by Italian authorities.

    Italy driving license application for foreigners costs between €75 and €120.

    The test is free, however the application fee itself is expensive and you may have to take a day off work in order to visit the consulate.

    Anyone who wants to drive in Italy must hold a valid driver’s license.

    You can apply for an Italian driving license if you are at least 18 years old, have an international driving license, passport and valid residence permit of over 3 months.

    If you have an EU/EEA driving license or national ID card,

    You will only need to get a translation from the language your licence was issued in into Italian and have passed the knowledge test.

    If You Need an International Driving Permit and an Italian driving license, check our services.

    The price of the driving license in Italy depends on your age and the type of test you want to take.

    The cost of getting an Italian driving license is based upon the type of license you want and where it will be issued.

    The age limit for obtaining an Italy driver’s license is 50 years old.

    You will need to be at least 18 years old, pass a basic eyesight test, hold a valid provisional/learner’s permit or foreign license, and pay an application fee.

  2. Can foreigners get driving license in Italy?

    Yes and No. In Italy, foreigners can get driving license if they are non-EU citizens and if they fulfill the requirements needed to drive a car.

    Foreigners can apply for their Italian driving license without taking any Italian driving test. They have to meet some requirements, such as:

    Yes, foreigners can get driving license in Italy. In case you don’t have a working permit, you must apply for a student permit as a foreigner before obtaining your driving license.

    Unless you are born in Italy and have obtained a waiver from drive tests, you must pass the practical test to get your Italian driver’s license.

    Yes, foreigners can get driving license in Italy because the Italian driving license was divided into two parts:

    The first part (first license) is issued by your home country and it’s valid until the age of 18,

    Then you can get an international one which is valid for all over Europe, as well as in Switzerland.

    Foreigners can apply for the Italian driving license if they become permanent residents in Italy and hold an EU or EEA citizenship.

    Foreigners can get their driving license in Italy if they have residence permit and register their address, or if they represent an Italian company.

    Yes, foreigners can get a driving license in Italy.

    In order to get a driving license, you should pass the mandatory Italian theory test (known as corsi di guida) and then have a practical driving test.

    Foreigners can legally drive in Italy with their foreign driving licenses for up to 6 months from their arrival date.

    However, if you want to continue driving in Italy for more than 6 months, you need to take an Italian driving test called ‘Esame di abilitazione alla guida del ciclomotore (EAGC)’.

  3. Does Italy have license exam in English?

    Italy has an exam in English. It is the written part of the test.

    Yes, Italy has license exams in English. If you want to work in Italy, you need to pass the Italian language test at a B2 level.

    Yes, Italy does have some exams in English. It is likely that the license will be issued to someone who has the certificate of proficiency in English from their own country,

    Or in general a certificate showing a satisfactory level of knowledge of English.

    Italy does not have a license exam in English. You will need to take an Italian exam through your local Itlaya driving school or driver’s license office

    Yes, Italy does offer a driving license exam in English.

    Yes, Italy does require an English License Exam for all foreign cyclists.

    Yes, Italy has exams in English. Training providers and employers can ask you to take one of the exams listed below.

    Upon successful completion of the exam you will receive a certificate proving your competencies in English.

    No, Italy currently does not have a written knowledge test in English.

    Any translator or interpreter must take a written exam in Italian. This can be challenging for those who cannot read or write in Italian.

    The interpreter’s license is valid for five years and can be renewed depending on performance during the renewal period.

    Yes, Italy has a license exam in English. Here is the link to take the test: Exam from one of the best universities in Italy

    Yes, the Driving License exam is in English. You need to pass in order to get a driving license.

    It should be noted that if you want to do an expert exam (for example, truck driver), the examination will be held only in Italian even if you prefer another language.

    Italy does have one licensing exam in English, which is the CELI exam. This exam is open to anyone in the world,

    So if you are moving to Italy and want to take driver’s education there, give your local driving school a call to schedule some time for training!

    The Italian Driver’s License is not required for you to drive in Italy, but once a driver wants to drive in Italy,

    He needs to have an International Driver License (IDL) issued by a government agency authorized by the country where he or she resides.

  4. How can I get driving licence in Italy?

    If you want to get driving licence in Italy in less time, you are welcome to register at our tested driving school in Milan. Here, we will teach you everything that is required for obtaining a valid license.

    Italy is one of the countries where it is most difficult to get a driving license. How can I get a driving licence in Italy in lesstime?

    This question is very common among those who have never done it before.

    The answer is that the process to get a Italy driving licence is pretty simple. However, there are some bureaucratic things worth considering.

    When you first visit Italy, you will be given a paper ‘temporary’ driving licence.


    This is valid for six months and can be renewed for a further six months. At any point after this you must take your practical test and conversion tests.

    Once you have passed these, your application will be transferred to the Guardia di Finanza and they give out licences.

    If you wish to get your driving licence in Italy and in an expedited manner, our licensing center is definitely the right choice for you.

    Getting a driving licence can be a long, drawn out process. But if you’re Italian and know how to drive, then getting your Italian driving licence shouldn’t prove too difficult.

    If you want to get driving licence in Italy the quickest way you can do is by taking driving lessons.

    At Confident Driving Centre we are proud to offer the quickest and most comprehensive driving lessons in your area.

    Our team of experts will provide you with all the information that is needed when learning how to become a driver and then, once you pass your test,

    we will issue you with your own provisional license so that you can drive on public roads straight away!

    The process of getting a European Driving Licence is not so difficult. Once you have a valid driving license issued by any European state,

    And you are staying in Italy for longer period than 90 days, there is no need to apply for Italian licence. In this case your home country’s license will be valid until you go back home.

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